Blackfellas vote themselves into a gulag

Blackfellas got the result they wanted in the Territory elections, as people voted on tribal lines and for the continuation of the Intervention. Black politicians and their “white advisers”  cleverly manipulated the communities into voting CLP not fully understanding that they were voting to put their families in to “concentration camps and gulags”.  They were led to believe  the policy of prison farms was a whole law and order policy approach to fix the problems of fighting and drinking.

Blackfellas should know by now that when the CLP talk about law and order, they are not talking about the whitefellas that commit crimes, they are talking about the blackfellas on the streets of Darwin, Katherine, Tennant Creek, Bagot and Alice Springs.

Sources close to Tell Me Unc reported that a voting booth at Yuendumu was closed down because of the continued fighting in the community. The source told Unc that one of the electorate has around 5,000 registered voters and only 2,400 voted. So much for democracy. It is clear that blackfellas don’t have an understanding of how important the vote is, or they did not vote because they did not have a family affiliation.

The disempowering of community councils and the move to super shires has had an effect on the vote for the ALP. The community councils were the go-to places for people in their community and gave people a sense of self-determination, of being able to  help themselves and plan for their communities future. That was all taken away, and on top of the intervention, people either did not vote, or turned to the CLP to punish the ALP.  The community councils  were political structures in their own right and sometimes outsiders had difficuilty in dealing with that arrangement.

The ALP lost their ability to talk through the councils to the mob, and  did not understand the culture. The CLP were very well organised; they were able to recruit Aboriginal women to their team who were promotors of the Intervention, supported the oppressive policies of the CLP  and could exploit divisions between blackfellas. It’s the oldest political game in the book, find the prejudice and press the button.

The ALP could be in for a long time in the wilderness.  They have to win back the trust and counter the black bigotry and racism of the so called “real blackfellas”. When a good hard working member like Karl Hampton is done over by a black politician using language from the Pauline Hanson song book, then it is time to stand up and be counted.

It is not all darkness; the ALP should remember that darkness is followed by the light of day, and  just before the dawn, heroes are born. The Irish peasantry have a great proverb and a saying to inspire hope under diverse circumstances. Remember, they say, “ the darkest hour of all, is the hour before day”.

Terry Mills, Bess Price and Alison Anderson are not heroes, nor are they messiahs that will not take their families to the Promised Land. They will lead them to the gulags and concentration camps of the prison farms of the Northern Territory.


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