Now they want our help, yeah right

The pastoral industry are using whatever means they can to get support for a resumption of live cattle exports to Indonesia.

They are very quick to use the Aboriginal controlled stations to support their cause when it suits them. It was not very long ago that the pastoral industry was fighting and is still fighting every Aboriginal land claim that hits the table.

What hypocrisy. Remember the outcry from the industry over Mabo?.  Remember the  Wik Native Title debates?  Remember the walk off from Wave Hill?

The industry has to come from a long way back, after over 200 years, before the pastoralists can even begin to make up for the dispossession, exploitation and theft of land.

Just like old soldiers, who suffered atrocities of the Japanese in world war 2, Aboriginal people will never forget what has happened to them as a result of the push by pastoralists into their country and the atrocities that impact on them today.

Nothing short of a truth and reconciliation inquiry into the pastoral industry in Northern Australia will suffice. This has to happen before the “cattle industry” can even think about speaking on behalf of the Aboriginal Pastoral Industry.

The Human Rights Commissioner Tom Calma made some typical Aboriginal middle class comments regarding the Aboriginal cattle stations and the suspension of live exports. He needs a shot of reality, as we have become used to the comments from him and this band of elite Aborigines within our midst orchestrating all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples towards assimilation.

There have been advances in the industry as Aboriginal stations come on line, some employment has been created and a small number of Aboriginal people enjoy their Native Title, but remember folks it’s not Land Rights and it has divided Australia’s  Aboriginal peoples.

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