Master Chef Judges are “Shearers Cooks”

The whole master chef series is an orchestrated affair. Why?  Well cast your mind back to the previous nights changing of the baskets. It took place  with all the drama of a primary school plot.

When Jay was given the basket and expected to make cherios the net was cast . He would have been better to make jonnie cakes and serve it with jam. Jonnie cakes you ask, what are they?  Well they are traditionally cooked in the coals of a camp fire, eaten with jam or syrup, I prefer them cooked on the top of an old wood stove.

Poor Jay, he was set up from the start, they knew he had little experience in some areas, so the scene was set by the show’s producers and orchestrated so that he faced elimination. It’s got nothing to do with cooking, that’s a side show. It’s about ratings and acting like shock jocks.  Jay was forced into elimination with the two girls and after making Ellie cry and making stupid sexist comments about lipstick (look at Nigella) the night before. The judges were then obliged to leave the two girls in. I mean anyone could see the play, it stuck out like dogs balls guys.

Jay was humiliated by you guys, absolutely humiliated, we know it was a pay back because he was a car salesman, you guys are unbelievable, you showed all the panache of a couple of shearers cooks. Actually shearers cooks have more dignity and are real men and women.

As for the dish idea, it is something you would encounter at the sushi train. I mean who cooks a pandan chiffon cake with palm sugar and black sesame ice cream?

Let’s put that Asian cook up against the Iron Chef and see how he would fare with a real Asian dish, not just that wok stir fry that they do in the restaurant where he spends his time making his pandan chiffon cake and black sesame ice cream. As for the dish, don’t try and buy tapioca. I tried at my local coles store, they never heard of it.

I guess the shearers cooks will find some way to eliminate Kumar.  They have tried but he has outsmarted them. Gotta keep the girls on don’t we boys. Whose turn tonight to be humiliated?  I couldn’t care less I won’t be watching, I will be out at the sushi train trying some of that pandan chiffon packet cake.

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