A fair go underpins our Democracy


The Australian Newspaper, who everyone knows is running to a set agenda. It now deludes itself  in an article “one hand tweeting” that the Australian Newspaper alone, is the leader of the “fourth estate” and is winning the contest of ideas as its articles deliver the accountability and transparency that underpins our democracy.  I would like a dollar for every time a mainstream journalist in search of a self rightious hit, has pulled that old chestnut out of the fire.

The time spent by journalism students being preached a doctrine which surfaced in the British Parlament in 1787, and one year after the first boat people landed in Sydney Cove, is  testament as to why we have so many sub standard newspaper journalists today.

Much better to have studied a unit on Aboriginal Australia, and then the journalists writing the Aboriginal stories, would have a better idea of the background to the situation Aboriginal people find themselves in today.

In Australia today a  large number of Aboriginal people remain landless and ethnics in their own land. There are a lot of Aboriginal people in Victoria and NSW not signing off on a multi million dollar gas deal, their land has been stolen from under them, beginning on on that faithful day 1n 1788 when they sailed down Sydney Cove.

It is not just a couple of Aboriginal women in Central Australia who suffer from delusions of grandeur. Some Australian newspaper journalists suffer the same symtoms, are quick to claim that they are on the side of good and that others that don’t agree are on the side of evil. “Your with us or against us”.

The battle with Fairfax, is as ferioucious and penecious, as their reporting of black issues, the only difference is that it is not on the front page.

Depending on your view of the Australian newspaper, many ordinary punters would find their putting down of people with opposing views not in the best interests of community decency and democracy.  The Australian’s view is self-serving. They ignore the key principles of balanced reporting. They are short on substance and the checks and balances required in a modern democracy.

The term “fourth estate” is loosely used term by journalists to  putdown others, when they are seeking the moral high ground on articles that are with odds to their own sub standard content .

In this case the Australian is putting down the Fairfax news for not getting into the gutter and reporting issues like the Berehet – Price affair,  in the same way as their journalists drag black Australia through the mud, putting one Aboriginal against another, in order to get a story. Claiming that that such stories are in the community interest. No one gives a toss as to what Berehert said, no one that is except those Aboriginal people who have an axe to grind.

Last weekend, a story appeared in the Fairfax press sparked by the Australian’s front page reporting of a tweet in which Behrendt engaged in what amounted to a bit of “bar talk”.  Behrendt tweeted about a substandard monosybilic performance by Price on ABC Q&A.

What is wrong with that? its a simple bit of Australian larrakinism. You can hear the same talk on TV she did not use the bad language which is so common these days on TV, and in any bar or club in Australia.  Maybe because it was a woman and a black one that said, it is the reason the moral fourth estate Australian newspaper was so quick to moralise about its role and its ability to deliver the accountability and transparency that underpins our democracy. and pours scorn on rivals or individuals that don’t agree with its opinions.

Their view is inconsistent and not in keeping with principles of good journalism, their thinking is straight out of the political ideology in Mein Kampf

The Australian says that the Herald self – censored the original Behrendt – Price story. Maybe it was because it was not newsworthy or suitable reading for the readers of a quality newspapers published by the Hearald. Better to let the fading Australian newspaper run another beat up sterio type story on the front page about Aboriginal people.

This strange approach matters little to us as it serves only to highlight the benefits our readers enjoy. But it hardly seems fair to Herald readers or the broader public, who might be interested in this crucial discussion.

The issue is not as the Australian says about who speaks for Central Australian Aboriginal people, they are well supported by a cultural structure and an organisational structure. No Indivedual blackfella speaks for the whole mob. The two women provideing all of the copy are part of the problem of the intervention. They delude themselves that they speak for the mob. It is a common thing among most Aboriginal people that when someone bestows the title “:leader” it goes to their head, they think they are untouchable, and can say and do as they like, ignoring the rules of common decency and respect.

The situation with the intervention is that it was and is built on naked racism. It is underpinned by the so called “fourth estate” remember them? they deliver the accountability and transparency that underpins our democracy. That what the Australian tells us. You cant have your cake and eat it too, Racism is racism does not matter how you dress it up.

Any one indivedual who supports the intervention, any newspapers and radio commentator who supports the intervention also supports racism and discrimination of Aboriginal people.

 Ethical standards in reporting by mainstream media coupled with a thirst for cash from shareholders, is having an impact on the public who read newspapers. They have been disillusioned for a long time. So much for the dream of the 1789 doctrine of a Fourth Estate. It belongs in the waste paper basket of time.

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