The Grog Town Muster

As the sun sinks over “Dog Dreaming” In Alice

All the cracks are gathering for the fray

The noted interventionists from communities near and far.

Are mustering at the Alice overnight

For the interventionist love discrimination where the Aboriginal people are

And the “Australian newspaper” and the ABC snuff the battle with delight

There was Tony who made his name when Turnbull and Nelson bit the dust.

Few can ride beside him when his belligerence is up.

He will go to town camps, where even Julia or Macklin wouldn’t go.

And the good old boys and girls from Alice were there to lend a hand,

There was Woolworths, Coles, Ahorua, and even a Native Title Group.

No better grog baron can pour a better beer.

No journalist can throw him, when he is on song

He learnt to ride with Noel when teaching in the Cape.

And down by Canberra , where the politicians meet

Where the air is clear and the winter nights are long

The treasurer rises for the battle, and grabs the reins with glee

And down around the town camps where dust and flies prevail

The man from Canberra will be forgotten

And the town folk camped on sacred ground

Will tell the story of his ride.

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