Dont Feed The Monkeys

I was talking to ‘’old mate’’ It’s been a while, since I last saw him. He was in the usual place , reading the form guide.  I have a system he said. Oh yeah! What’s that? “I said”. I will tell you because, I know you don’t punt, “he said” with a smile, knowing I would probably tell “old auntie’’ what his system was anyway.

I get all the race forms and look at the first three selections of each race. Then I go through and mark the best priced ones. I always look for a horse that no one else has selected in their tips, because that is usually the horse that is a big price and I put it in the multiples. I have had a lot of good luck using that system he said. It takes a bit of time to work out, but when it comes in I have a real good day.

As we yarned away, I asked  him. What do you make of all this blackfella politics going on at the moment?”. That stuff that’s in the paper there today I said”. That’s the third day now that the Australian has been running with it.

He laughed and said. They have a good race form Bala.  My system depends on the picks that are in the Australian. I got a lot of winners from there. He said, I only buy it for the race form. Costs me a bloody fortune and you need a wheelbarrow to carry it. They won’t let you just take the form out and leave the rest of the paper there you know. I throw it in the bin after I take out the form.

About all that black politics he said, there is a bigger game going on. There are so many of these blackfella academics, why are they hanging around blackfellas anyway, they should be in the mainstream with all the other academics. I got and old mate who is a boilermaker, he is not in the black boiler making industry, he is out their getting  $2,500 a week, fly in fly out in the mainstream.

There is a long held principle among the working class, that you never put an academic on top or in charge of your organization, company or trade union.  It seems to me that we haven’t  learnt that lesson yet either. Since the collapse of ATSIC all of the fringe dwellers of Aboriginal politics who worked with government to bring them down, are now seen as the darlings of the press.

He looked at me and said.  Talk about stupid “Black Politics”. The problem as I see it is with Aboriginal people is the culture.  They like to pull each other down. Just like a bucket of Yabbies , every yabbie tries to climb over the other to get to the top of the bucket.  They love to be known as “leader” builds their ego, makes them feel good.  Talk about stupidity.

Reminds me of a story, he said ”. Many years ago, when I first retired the missus took me to Bali for a holiday and one day we went up to see the monkeys, big things with big fangs they are.

There are these huge warning signs,warning tourists not to feed the monkeys similar to the Crocodile warning signs you see up north. Well this woman ignored the signs and decided to feed the monkeys some bananas she had hidden away in her bag. She wanted to get some action photos. Well she got more that what she bargained for.

Within minutes , there were about 20 big angry brown and white monkeys around her grabbing at the bananas from her bag, climbing over her and wrenching the bag from her hands.  She’s screaming the monkeys are rampaging. Luckily for the woman this Balinese lady came running over with a big stick and chased the monkeys away.

Pointing to the sign and screaming “she said” Can’t you read sign it say. “Don’t feed the monkeys”. she said “stupid white woman”

I laughed as he told me that story. Yeah I thought old mate id probably right,  all those Aboriginal mob are doing is feeding the monkeys of the press, starting off on Tony Jones Q&A. Tony Jones and the ABC have this unique way of starting something in Aboriginal affairs and walking away. Leaving a trail of destruction and providing the other monkeys in the main stream press the ammunition to attack and denigrate Aborigines.

As I said in previous blog, the content of what Bess Price said on Q&A lacked any substance what so ever, and is a warning to other blackfellas wanting to enter into what is now a vindictive and damaging debate, being run since the intervention, that had its genesis in the Tony Jones “late line” report on May 15, 2006 of reports of domestic violence in Aboriginal communities, compiled in a dossier on domestic violence by the Crown Prosecutor for central Australia, Nanette Rogers.

The genie was out of the bottle and has been unstoppable. Jones followed up with interviews with reporting that “babies had been raped and molested” Brough also said such incidents were wide spread “wherever there are aboriginal communities”

That’s why people are angry Bess, they are angry at you and all of your supporters for being so naive to be manipulated by the press and for bringing all of this sorrow contempt and shame on them.

The intervention was built on a lie, and the effects are now being felt in every town and town camp across the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia. Aboriginal people are moving off country to the towns and cities, not to drink but to survive the harsh conditions put on them by the intervention. The mining companies and the pastoralist continue with their wealth making and the freedom to do as they please.

Good on you the Australian. You have done the dirty work for them.

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