Bess Nobody and Larissa Wannabe

The problem with Aboriginal people is that all want to be boss, and no one wants to do the work. Everyone Aboriginal person who has an opinion is given the status of Aboriginal leader, by the mainstream press.

The commentary following the Larissa Behrendt twitter comment beggar belief. There is something else at work here, something evil is going on with the mainstream press.

The content of what Bess Price said on Q&A lacked any substance, as I noted on this blog before the twitter saga came to light via The Australian. Larissa Behrendt engaged in a bit of bar talk; what’s wrong with that? There is a call for women to be put in the front line as fighting women. Do you honestly think  they are going to be cream puffs?  That they are not going to be at the “bar” having a well earned beer after putting themselves on the front line?  Will they be engaging in conversation about the price of electricity or carbon?  “Hello!” They will be saying “fuck” I nearly got my ass shot off there today I was shit scared man, thanks “spud” you saved my ass mate.

What also comes to mind?  “Sometimes it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool then to open you mouth and leave no doubt.”

But, some Aboriginal people are so thin-skinned.  If they want to wear the media imposed “mantle of leader” then they need grow some backbone and stop doing the poor-blackfella-me diversion to get sympathy.

As soon as someone says something they cry foul and run to the lawyers. But it’s ok for them to be lauded by a certain section of the mainstream press. It’s inconsistent, its duplicitous, and wrong, and blackfellas need to wake up.

The Australian newspaper has been running a campaign in favor of the Northern Territory Intervention for a long time now. In The Australian of April 15, they ran two un-newsworthy Aboriginal stories on the front page. While on the inside of the newspaper they run a real newsworthy story about redundancies in the car industry.  Other very newsworthy stories are buried deep inside the paper.

What a rag The Australian has turned into, what temerity to call itself The Australian.

Marcia Langton is an academic and one of the Australian’s stable of Intervention supporters. Her comments about the Q&A program featuring Bess Price were pure fantasy. We must have been watching different versions. From what Langton writes, one would be forgiven for thinking that Price is an intellectual giant. Far from it, she could barely string together a sentence, and for The Australian to give her the mantle of leader is akin to anointing her with a Queen plate.

There is a struggle going on in Australia’s Aboriginal organisations, for the hearts and minds of the Aussie punter.

The Aussie punter could not give a toss about the Aboriginal leadership. Nor could the average Aboriginal punter, and that includes community people.

Mainstream Australia cringes when we see and read about the drunks of all races and all ages running amok in our towns and cities and communities. We know that whitefellas, and blackfellas, also get drunk.  We also know that there are thousands of Australians that don’t work, and we wonder why Aboriginal people are singled out for the treatment they receive in the media.

Some of the Blackfella academics sitting on the east coast have worked hard for what they have, and that has to be commended.  Some community people have risen out of the quagmire of community life and gone on to better things in life for their families. People are always going to go “home” to country.  I do that more as I get older. For people on country, that is their home; that is the dreaming they have. Responsibilities to country, it’s in the blood.

Bess Price is from Country, Larissa Behrendt is from Country, and Marcia Langton is from Country.

The only foreign thing is The Australian newspaper with an evil agenda, of corporatism and globalization. Aborigines are being used for their corporate needs, feeding off Black Australia.

Wake up Guys.

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