Opportunity Missed

The ABC missed a opportunity, to bring to the attention of the Q&A audiences the real story behind the NT intervention.

Bess Price, a Walpiri woman from Central Australia was hardly a good panel choice for Q&A . In relation to people getting firsthand knowledge about the intervention, she failed miserably to articulate the circumstances surrounding the intervention.

Her claim that the United Nations rapporteur  only visited selective people  is an example of her misunderstanding of his role and inability to respond to the question about the rapporteur’s  findings.

Her comment of “at the least the kids are being fed’’ is an example of the monosyllabic extent of her comprehension of the subject.

There are many others from Central Australia who would have provided a far greater insight.  Barbara Shaw,  Pat Turner, David Ross, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, Walter Shaw, William Tilmouth, Owen Cole; just to name a few credible people.

If Q&A were trying to be informative about the intervention they failed. It’s a shame because it will be another 12 months before another black person is on such a high profile show.

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