More of the same

After more that 4 years of the intervention, the best the opposition and their black supporters can offer the Aboriginal peoples of the Northern Territory is more of the same. More punitive special measures, more homelessness, more police, more white and black bureaucracy, more suffering, more confronting big blue signs placed outside Aboriginal communities, demonizing the Aboriginal people to a life of misery and shame.

What bloody hope have the traditional owners got, if they are being demonized and condemned by comments in the media from their own people? The station and camp dogs are treated better , they do this while they themselves live the high life.

There is a gang of Aboriginal people that the mainstream press seeks out to make disparaging remarks about Aborigines. They are able to do this from their own privileged place in society. Playing their dirty black politics, with the lives of a people still connected with the dream time and their country.

The modes’ operandi of politicians and bureaucrats, in their dealing with Aboriginal people has never changed, since the white invasion of Australia. They always seek out an Aboriginal people to hang a King or Queen plate around their neck. Then pronouncing them King or Queen of the Tribe.

Any wild black fellows, or people who speak out against this convention, were hunted down and shot or water holes poisoned, as country was stolen from under them. 

Now the white fellas have developed a more subtle and orchestrated way to assimilate blackfellas into the mainstream. The modern commentators are selected because they are anointed by the press as leaders. Blackfellas such as the former ATSIC commissioners are perniciously hounded out of existence by the newspapers and Government officials.

In Australia there is a newspaper that has the temerity to call itself the Australian, they have this group of Aboriginal commentators, that do regular opinion pieces. Last weekend one of the opinion writers obviously had a  sabbatical moment and was enlightened , no dought on the road to Hopevale. He saw a flash of light and a falling star in the night sky coming out of the east. What was it?

Well he now says that there was a vacuum created in Aboriginal affairs with the shutting down of ATSIC, and that reforms he says, needs the natives and the organizations to work.

Well hello! That is what the roll back the intervention mob has said from the start. They recognized that, communities needed assistance, and that who better than the natives, to assist government and NGO to better work together. That’s all they asked.  To be consulted, to be a part of the human race and to be treated like human beings, not like camp dogs. 

During the intervention, when respected people from communities and NGO’s put their head up. It was mercilessly kicked off by the Australian Government, by the Australian news paper, by the ABC, by the task force and shamefully by the King and Queen plate wearing Aborigines, comfortable in their nice homes away from the communities, basking in their new role as spokespeople for all Aborigines.

What a bloody cheek, to think that Aboriginal people  would take the slightest notice of them, how relevant was some urban blackfella with no language or culture telling  Aboriginal law men and women how to behave, talking to them like kids.

 What took place in the media as a late line report on the ABC, by Tony Jones was the catalyst for the NT Little Children are Sacred report, and from there followed 4 plus years of sheer hell on earth, for Aborigines in the Territory. (Thanks Tony Jones)

Mal Brough rode into town like a gunslinger, hell bent on cleaning up the towns, riding roughshod over a bewildered people, and after being in Government for over 10 years all they could do was take their money off them replace half of it with a plastic basic card and hand the rest to the big supermarkets .

What a debacle of policy, the tragedy was labor continuing the policy of the Howard Government. What a travesty that was, people voting labr were misled into believing that the intervention, was going to be scrapped.

 The good thing was the Australian people booted out the architects of the vote grabbing plan Howard and Brough at the election. How humiliating for both Howard and Brough. Those nice liberals in their own electorates were not impressed by their election ploy, and their failure in Aboriginal affairs after 10 years.

Now we have a new gunslinger on the scene, Tony Abbott. He is also looking to raise his standing with the electorate. But he is a bit more cunning, he has said the intervention needs another intervention. Now he is also like the blackfella chatting classes, in saying use the people in communities and the organizations. They are in effect saying they were wrong. No apology from the coalition or the King and Queen wearing plate brigade, for getting it wrong. Not so much as a whisper about that. So much for sorry.

What is the alternative?, well read my previous blog. Its Crap Tony.

It may be worth considering why the situation is what it is. 

Ask yourselves, why is it that during the biggest ever mining boom in the history of Australia, Aboriginal people have are left with barley the clothes on their backs. How it is, that BHP Billiton can announce a $12 Billion expansion program, where their profits will be off the back of Aboriginal land, and in the process not build a single house or school.

$1.2 Billion of that investment should go into Aboriginal future fund to build infrastructure. That would be a small start. It should be part of all mining and resource industries on Aboriginal land that such a fund is set up and managed with all of the proceeds going into education.  From education the rest is easy. What is needed to work alongside such a scheme, is a Military style college modeled on Duntroon.

It can be established with a clear set of goals of responsibility for the future education of Aboriginal people and maintain all of the cultural traditions.

Its time to forget about the subtle orchestrated assimilation of Aboriginal peoples and settle on a course of action that will have the outcomes that all Australians support.

It is much better to do that rather than some gammon jobs scheme , that promises the world and doesn’t deliver and blows  the money.

Also greater scrutiny of what is happening to the mining royalty that land councils are in control of? In Alice Springs, my sources tell me, there is a Native Title group that is investing in all manner of private enterprises, including licensed hospitality industry. I mean what’s going on?. Aboriginal people did not fight to set up groups that would buy into these industries surely.  When I was marching on the street, we marched against racism; we marched for basic human rights of Aboriginal peoples. Land, Education, Health Clinics, jobs and housing.

The movement was hijacked by the King and Queen Platters back then. They coined the phrase “social and economic development” with their emphasis on economic development. Rather than develop the families and build capacity in individual people we built edifices like land councils, quasi enterprises, masquerading as not for profit enterprises, and pretending to support Aboriginal disadvantage.

They were happy with the demise of ATSIC, it gave them access to the Government directly for funds, every Tom Dick and Harry rushed the Aboriginal bucket vacated by ATSIC.

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