Unc goes to Womadelaide

I met an old sister girl in Adelaide for the annual world music festival “womad’; she has been to every womad event. My first thoughts were why? Why would you? Then after spending a few days there myself, I was convinced that I think she just loves the big trees. Just being there the atmosphere, the people, the music, the food. I love the big trees they have a special significance somewhat spiritual.

There is an old river red gum there that has had bark removed from the trunk to make a canoe. Living culture, and proof of prior occupation, that there were traditional Aboriginal people in the park long before “womad”, and obviously long before the good old bunyip  squatter boys called the place Adelaide.

If ever you are in Adelaide take a walk through the park, sit a spell, take in the glorious Bunya Bunya pines. Archie Roach, Niel Murray, and Shane Howard presented their show in the warmth of the afternoon sun. The crowd was patient and respectful, as they listened to their long stories, and journeys through time with Archie. We left the idyllic setting, as the sun slowly disappeared beyond the trees. All of us hoping that brother Arch, would recover from his illness soon and come back and create more beautiful music.

It was simply a magic Womadelaide moment.

Not every moment was magic however. On Friday night a photographer with all of the correct accreditations was man handled kicked and punched by a cockhead guitar tuner working with Angus and Julia Stone. In full view of everyone this dude was out of control, swearing, to all of us he appeared to be off his face. Not the type of guy you would want on a gig. He did not know an E string from a G string. Womadelaide is not the place for that kind of conduct, it’s more akin to a rock concert in the 70’s. The organisers have to stop these deadbeats attending family concerts. His attitude reflected the kind of show, from Angus and Julia. It was not well attended, people drifted away, the songs were boring they sang out of tune, and gave the appearance of not wanting to be there. I would not recommend to anyone, that they waste their money seeing them in future.

My top acts were Yabu Band, Fefe, and Ash Grunwald. The Nungar group Yabu band from Kalgoolie were great. They have been blessed by well written songs. They have the best didge player dancer I have ever seen and I have seen a few. The guitarist on lead broke his 6th string half way through, but continued beat out lead breaks that Jimmy Hendrix would be proud of.

Fefe, well that guy has so much energy, he could run a whole power station on the energy he puts into his act, the former French Hip Hop great has all the right moves, and even jumped down into the crowd, and had everyone doing steps they never had before. Fefe left the stage in a lather of sweat, just like he had a hose on him, I saw him after he had a shower in the cool down area. He would not blow out a candle, he was that fit.

Ash Grunweld, well move over all other would be and wanna be raunchy blues bands in the country, and even the world. Wow what an act, if ever you get a chance to see this guy and his band just do it pay what ever it costs just go and travel to see them.

See you there next year.

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