Yorta Yorta Man says Goodbye

 Yorta Yorta man Dr Jimmy Little OA said goodbye to his friends  at a tribune concert, in Tamworth today. The concert held in Jimmys honor and arranged by his long time friend Buzz Bistrom, ex drummer from the legendary Australian rock band the Angles.

Jimmy began by thanking his many friends. I love all of you he said “without friends there is nothing at all” he described Australia as living in a garden of Eden of human kind, that made him feel proud of his achievements in a great country.

I was born on the banks of the Murray at a place called Cummeragunga. He said he lived on bush tucker all his life on the mission and when he went on the road performing he began eating truck stop food and blames the years of eating unhealthy food for his diabetes., He blames no one only himself. His “thumbs up” healthy eating program has created a magic moment in his life, as it gives him opportunity to work with his own people.

Jimmy sang all of the old favorites beginning with Royal Telephone. He was joined on stage by Warren H Williams and they sang Baby Blue, it bought back memories as they had recorded the song ten years ago, everyone loved it.

The surprise guests were Graeme Connors, golden guitar winner, who has known Jimmy for a long time when jimmy first recorded Graeme said it was like having “God in the corridor” because jimmy was held in such high esteem. It filled him with pleasure to sing a couple of songs for Jimmy.

Catherine Britt came along and said she loved Jimmy so much, she had grown up listening to Jimmy Rogers songs and Jimmy Little songs and always listened Jimmy.

Alistair Kemp Gold guitar winners also dropped in and sang a couple of songs they were great and they are the next generation of young country singers.

Luke Austin winner of two golden guitars dropped in and sang a couple of songs as well, the crowd was very lucky to see so many good artists in one place.

There was a real special moment when Warren was joined by John Williamson. The two haven’t been together for over two years and the crowd just loved to see them together again check out the www.caama.com.au web site for the video clip to see Warren and John perform Raining on the Rock and A thousand feet it was just such a special moment in country music.

Amber Lawrence was also in the line up, she is so good and also a leading female country singer with such a bright future.

The show went on and jimmy finished with “never ending love” and we all left with a tear in our eye knowing that we may never see the great man ever entertain us again, Goodbye friends he said I love you.

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