A Real Life legend

A real legend is in Tamworth this year. I was with a privileged group who interviewed Jimmy Little in Tamworth.  Uncle Jimmy told, “Tell Me Unc” that coming to Tamworth to receive his first Tamworth Gold Guitar for a life time achievement, was an honor and thanked the people who have been with him and supported him  over all of these years.

He thanked the organizers who he said decided that it was his time to receive the award. It bought a tear to my eye when they told me he said. He loved the surprise and loved that he was honored in this way. He said music to him was the universal language of love. Jimmy said that from a young age he wanted to achieve whether it was in school or later on in life he wanted to always be doing something positive with his life.

He decided that to achieve his ambitions he had to leave the mission. He always believed he was chosen at a young age to be a leader and an achiever. When he was a child of 3 months, the humpy where he lived caught fire from a burning candle.

The humpy being made of tar paper and bags was soon in flames. Everyone ran out of the humpy and left Jimmy playing in his cot. His Uncle Ernie raced back inside and grabbed him and saved him.  Jimmy says that he was saved for a reason. He has been saved many times in life, he said because he has two angels looking over him. One he calls Destiny and the other Lady Luck.

He listens to them every day, and asks for their guidance.  Life is a story he said. My life is the Jimmy Little story; the script has been written and destiny will decide when the story ends.

The story has not ended it continues for Jimmy.  The standing ovation by the capacity packed fans at the TREEC centre tonight here in Tamworth is testament to the love for this living treasure of Australia, then Jimmy’s story has a way to travel yet.

When Jimmy was presented with his Golden Guitar by country music legend John Williamson, there was a standing ovation that lasted for 4 minutes. The country music audience love their stars and they simply adore him. Jimmy gave a dignified acceptance speech that was packed with pride and emotion.

Warren H Williams, and G Man, both CAAMA Black Jocks, interviewed Jimmy and you can catch the full interview and video clip on www.caama.com.au/radio

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