Another day in Tamworth

Well another day and what a day it was. We started today with brekky with Sara Storer. Sara is a hoot to talk to, she has been a teacher in remote Aboriginal communities, a singer songwriter and I hope she wins the Heritage award with Kev Carmody.  Another famous man that is coming to Tamworth is Jimmy Little. Jimmy is a favorite at Tamworth, and our spy tells us that he is up for a special award to be presented on award night.

I saw so many acts today all over town, after co hosting the CAAMA radio direct broadcast to Alice Springs, we went to a venue simply known as the pub. Bill Chambers was there performing with his band. Shortly after we arrived Bill saw Warren H Williams standing there enjoying the show and called Warren up on stage. Warren sung a George Jones number that had people stamping their feet for more, Warren sang another number to rapturous applause. He did not sing any more as the occasion bought back memories of singing on the same stage last year with his now kummanjay father. It was sad for Warren and we left soon after.

We went to see John Williamson, his show was fully booked out and it was a great act as we come to expect from John. We then moved over to what I describe as a great night spent with a legend group. The Wolverines. The full moon was up and the Wolverines were howling, they were brilliant. If you ever get the chance to see the Wolverines don’t miss them. They are the best act I have seen for a long time. They have been joined by the great fiddle player Marian Burns, Marian is a KIWI as are 3 of the Wolverines. She has won awards all over the world. She simply killed them with her fine renditions of the Devil went down to Georgia (Tamworth).  She was brilliant so was her version of Deliverance. The Wolverines lead guitarist Darcy is just so good a performer, he played Sweet Home Alabama just like Ed King who wrote “Sweet Home Alabama” with Ronnie Van Zant and played guitar on the album. Darcy sung it just like Ronnie Van Zant, it was fantastic, the crowd lapped it up hooting and a hollering. It was a great night. There was a free concert in the park that attracted a very large crowd of thousands. Lee Kernigan headed a big cast of performers. But for me none of them was a good as the Wolverines , for sheer entertainment they were simply the best. Catch them at a venue near you soon. You will love em.

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