The Show Stoppers at Tamworth

Dianna Cochrane is fantastic.  There were tickets left at the door for our crew. Dianna is one of those performers who is just too good for country music. She is country through and through but could be a Blues Singer. I would love to hear her sing Ruthie Foster songs.  By being too good I mean her voice control and presentation is too good for country. For this reason I think she will always be known for having just a great voice range. For example she can sing in normal C then go to a mid range C and then to a high C and hold it for what seems an eternity, and oh yeah she can yodel like no other I ever heard.  She was the show stopper for me. Ultimately she will have a following of loyal punters. In country music, if you are mediocre or ex-pop you have more of chance of making it. The next big stars in country music are obviously Luke Dickens and Luke Austin, the two Lukes. We met them both at the Troy Cassar Daley special concert, yeah they are nice guys modeled in the mould of country music nice guy images, they should make it while Dianna Cochran will always have to work her ass off doing gigs for peanuts while having the best female voice in country music.

Troy, well he is simply the best. With his ganger Warren H Williams they were great, it was a great show. We went to a Catherine Britt show, she was good very good and the stars kept coming, Lee was there, Kasey and more. I don’t know what James Blundell was doing there, he is one of the mediocre singers that come along and become stars.  Everyone wants Warren H Williams on their shows. He is doing a show today with legend Bill Chambers, that will be good.

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