It’s Country Music Stupid.

Howdy you all from the country music heartland of Australia. Being in Tamworth, at this time of the year is the place to be if you like country music. Or is it country music anymore?  Over recent years the argument goes on. The starmaker Luke Dickens  is an ex runner up in Australia idol as a pop singer. Luke is being touted as the next big thing in country music maybe another Keith Urban, bla, bla, bla bal bla. I like Luke, I met him today.  I had a good day caught a Qantas flight from Cairns. Lost  my mobile phone at the check in counter. The ticketing agent had used the first 4 letters of my name only on the booking ticket. Which meant that I had to convince the check in chick that it was me. After convinveing them I was allowed to fly. There was no frequent flyer points added because of the wrong name. which means now I wont progress to gold status because of the agency stuff up. Not Qantas fault, they seem to think I can redeam the points by presenting the boarding passes by post. By the time this happens the gold status would be cut off, ah well I guess no Qantas Gold status  from Febuary I will stay on Silver.  I was taken out of the line and got bomb tested again. Always seems to happen to me. I am sure there are other travellers that it happens to regularly, paticularly if you are middle eastern looking. Arriveing in Sydney I progressed to terminal 2 . To get to terminal 2 at the Sydney airport, you have to go through the car park and up the elevator to the check in. Off I went to Qantas desk in the terminal way dow near gate 57, there were 3 workers none of them could help with the ticket situation and frequent flyer problem. Taking their directions I went back to to near gate 40 to the Qantas Club, where a very nice attendent tried to help. She directed me out side to terminal 2 to the Qantas desk. Well nothing they could do because they only look after bookings done by them and not agencies. That was it, 2 hours later we board for Tamworth from gate 58. but wait, we have to crowd into a bus which takes us to our aircraft behind terminal 2 closer to terminal 1. Get the picture?  Ah well we have a great flight to Tamworth. As we are waiting for the baggage, in the terminal  up starts the band a boot scooter starts to boot scooting, soon after 50 other people join in and there is a real hootananny goin on right there in the airport terminal. Well it was great, it’s a Tamworth welcome I wont forget. I walk over to the baggage counter and guess what. I wait and wait while everyone gets their bags off and my bag is lost. So I had a real good day.

The frustations were all put to one side, I met Warren H Williams, GMan, and Curtis from CAAMA, well what a day and night we had. We went down to the TRAC centre for the Troy Cassar Daley concert. It was great to see Troy again after the recent flood washed away all of his memories and ruined his house. He was just great and put on a great show to the packed house. Warren joined Troy and they sung an old Charlie Pride Song “Kiss an Angel Good Morning “; it bought the house down. Adam Harvey was on, Kasey Chambers, the stars just kept coming. What a great day and night. I can always buy some new shirts, a new pair of William boots and some more jeans. But seeing Troy and Warren G and Curtis my old mates from CAAMA more than made up for the lost bag . At the time of writing, I have not received it, I guess its off to Target tomorrow and 20 calls to Qantas if I can get someone at home.

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