And The Winner Is

I can see a Walkley Award on the horizon in the aftermath of the Queensland floods.  Walkley’s are for Excellence in Journalism. We are a cynical mob. Australians must rank as one of the most cynical mob of people in the world. After days and weeks of flood reporting one cant help thinking ‘enough now guys’.  Just go back to normal programming. More Home and Away please. More mindless programming that saps the intelligence of a population, conditioned by the media to accept whatever is put up in front of them and the advertising that comes with it.

Old Auntie ABC with its News 24, well they are in first place for the Walkley Awards, for best news coverage, and documentary, simply because they have the taxpayer resources to be everywhere. They even roped in a JJJ trainee. I bet she got a buzz out of that, happy to get a break from playing all of that red-neck tradies music they play on JJJ.

Koshie and Mel will be hard to beat. Both 7 and 9 had their real life dramas. Where Mel was situated there was a guy arrested for alleged sex crime. We saw it all live, the coppers marching him off. On the river bank Nine had the dramatic footage of the yacht breaking its moorings and sinking before our eyes that was great television, and worthy of a Walkley. Nine also trotted out a couple of their camera men to do little cameo roles.  Ten, well they are the dark horse, of all of them they tried to be professional. The ABC was obviously thinking about their next billion taxpayer triennial funding bid.

Lets give a Walkley award to Anna Bligh, for the best performance with a double pike. The sheer raw emotion, when she said Queenslanders get kicked down and get up again. Now was this emotion.  Or was it with an eye to the coming election. Some adviser of Anna’s has been reading the Obama file.  Astute judges in America said that during the oil spill Obama did not deliver the required ‘emotional moment’. Following the shooting of the congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Obama, after a visit to her bedside, gave an oration that tugged at the heart strings of most Americans.  But Anna is no Obama and she just doesn’t have it. She tried her best, but Queenslanders are tough aren’t they don’t cry they get kicked and get up and get on with life.

We are led to believe that they are the toughest people in the country, but what happened to Rocky, Dalby, Condamine, Toowoomba, and the Lockyer valley. As soon as the floods came to Brisbane, the old capital city bias crept in. Rocky was still under water not a word for 2 days.

The big clean began. Everyone with a broom, squeegee , bucket and mop was called on and like Queenslanders they turned up to help their mates and strangers. Only Queenslanders would do that we’re told. I don’t like the flags either, brings back images of one nation. Also some of the spin is straight out of the one nation handbook. The situation is this: the media oligarchy in this country has it sewn up between them they have got what they want from the Digital carve up. They can run News 24 as it happens and also run their other programs.  The media not represented enough was the community media, and where was SBS, there must be many ethnic speaking people who did not know where to go what to do. Come to think of it I did not see any Aboriginal Media, what happened to all the mob in West End. Who was looking after them with information.

 Lets give a Walkley to the Lord Mayor from Rocky, of all the Lords Mayor he was the calmest and most knowledgeable, the Brisbane Mayor is obviously running for parliament. He like Anna was hogging the airwaves. And, oh yes, lets wait for the blame game to start, give it a week. Anna got in first and announced an inquiry, but wait is there an election in the air.

Lets give them all a award they deserve it, well done guys.

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