I have spent Xmas following the great dreaming track of Ponde. You might know it as the Murray River, but you may not know that Ponde made it. Ponde began his great journey in the mountains made famous by Banjo Patterson. Ponde was there before Banjo and before the mountain cattlemen claimed the mountains as their own. And long before the man from Snowy River made his famous ride, or the colt from old regret had got away and run with the wild bush horses.

Clancy was there as they gathered at the station, along with all the fray, but they never knew of the deeds of “Ponde” who began his great ride 40,000 years before. After all they were mere mortals, Ponde was the creator being of the Murray River.

Starting near Kancoban down past old Talangata, the river is looking really good these days with thanks to heavy rain. Ponde’s dreaming track is once again flowing out to sea in SA ,down where his journey ends. You can see Ponde if you know where to look .

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